How Can I Avoid Apartment Pet Fees?

Why do apartments charge pet fees?

To some, a pet deposit seems like just another way for the apartment community to charge you more money.

Like the deposit on your apartment, a pet deposit is required before you move in.

This deposit will cover any damage to the apartment caused by the pet..

Are apartment pet fees monthly?

Pet rent, like your regular rent, is a non-refundable fee that you pay every month. … With pet rent, you should expect to pay a monthly fee as long as you and your pet live in the rental. The fee is considered a discretionary charge, meaning the landlord may legally include this extra charge in your lease.

Can I charge extra rent for pets?

Yes, landlords have the power to charge extra for pets. … They cannot charge pet deposits and additional pet rent however they like. If you are required to pay extra money up front to have a pet in your rental unit, then this money is regulated the same way as your typical security deposit.

What is a reasonable pet fee?

Your state’s laws might also dictate how much you charge; however, charging somewhere between $200 and $500 for a one-time pet fee is pretty typical. A “pet fee” is simply the one-time admission price to have a pet in the rental. It doesn’t typically cover any damages the pet might cause.

How much extra rent should I charge for pets?

Pet rent. Pet rent is a monthly charge in addition to your rent. The fee can vary depending on the number of pets and the type of breed, but averages $10 to $50 per pet. These additional costs can add up fast, so you may try negotiating with your potential landlord.

What is a typical pet fee for an apartment?

Pet fees are typically priced in the same range as a pet deposit, and may span from $100 to $300.

Can you hide a pet in an apartment?

Well, if you are wanting to hide your pet from your landlord, you need to make sure that there is no hair, no smell, and no evidence! Make sure to keep on top of your cleaning at all times. … If the landlord was to walk in to find hair everywhere and a foul dog smell, question’s would certainly be asked.

What is a fair pet deposit fee?

As the term implies, a pet deposit is completely refundable, provided there is no pet-related damage to the property. The deposit amount commonly ranges from $200-$500 per pet. This deposit is collected along with the security deposit before tenancy begins.

What happens if you sneak a pet into an apartment?

Eviction for sneaking a pet Most landlords are willing to work with their tenants, even if you do break the lease, but some landlords won’t. If you’re caught sneaking in a pet, your landlord may have the right to evict you. If you’re evicted, your landlord may sue you for the remainder of your lease payment.