How Do I Permanently Delete My Monster Account?

How can I delete my quikr account permanently?

You can’t delete your account yourself.

Send them an email requesting account removal.

Include your email ID and mobile number.

The address is

How do I delete pictures from Monster?

Next, in the campaign builder click on an image in your campaign to open the image settings. In the left panel, click on the image. Hover over the image in the gallery that you want to delete and select the Delete button to remove the image permanently from your OptinMonster account.

How can I login to quikr?

Mobile Verification. We have sent a One Time Password (OTP) on . Enter the OTP below to verify and log in to your account using your Mobile No. We have sent verification email to Click on the link in the email to verify and log in to your account.

Does Olx do home delivery?

Free Home Delivery in India, Free classifieds in India | OLX.

How can I delete my Monster Gulf account?

If you wish to delete or close your account or account profile information altogether, please contact us at to contact us.

How do I delete my profile from Times jobs?

Just visit their website and find their contact email. And send an email to them that you no longer want your account and request them to delete it. Then they will send an email to you that you need to verify it by sending the mail again. Just do it.

Which is better OLX or quikr?

Olx has better ranking in google search and has better search algorithm in place. Most of the time I have got more responses from Olx than quikr and closed more deals in Olx. Free posting in Quikr is a scam.

Is it safe to buy on OLX?

To stay safe while selling things on Olx, Quikr, always tell the buyer to meet in person because he or she has to meet you ultimately to buy the thing that you are selling. Having said that, exercise caution and common sense while meeting the person and avoid giving them your home address if not absolutely required.

Is buying from quikr safe?

Our continued endeavor is to bring you a safe, credible and trustworthy platform to buy and sell. We moderate every ad that is displayed on the Quikr platform. Our priority is that we give you a safe buying and selling experience. … We delete such unethical or blacklisted ads.