Question: Are Aircraft Mechanics In Demand?

Is it hard to be a aviation mechanic?

Airline mechanic school is not that hard.

If you are a bad student, have trouble learning, you will have the same trouble as you have always had in school.

None of the classroom work or tests were seriously difficult.

It is not a subject that requires a lot of advanced math or deep scientific understanding..

Is there an aircraft mechanic shortage?

Dubel is one of thousands of new aircraft mechanics whose skills will be in high demand over the next two decades. While the national pilot shortage makes headlines, forecasts by Boeing project the need for approximately 193,000 aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) to enter the workforce in North America by 2038.

Where do Aircraft Mechanics make the most money?

Detailed List Of Aircraft Mechanic Salaries By StateRankStateAdjusted Salary1Kentucky$87,9442Georgia$83,4903Nevada$75,8764Colorado$70,45243 more rows•May 17, 2019

How long does it take to become an aircraft mechanic?

You must get 18 months of practical experience with either power plants or airframes, or 30 months of practical experience working on both at the same time. As an alternative to this experience requirement, you can graduate from an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

Who is the highest paid mechanic?

The Top 10 Highest Paying Careers for Mechanics#1 Aircraft Mechanic. Job Description. … #2 Industrial Machinery Mechanic. Job Description. … #3 Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Job Description. … #4 Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic. Job Description. … #5 Diesel Mechanic. Job Description. … #6 Electrical Mechanic. … #7 Radio Mechanic. … #8 Automotive Mechanic.More items…

Do Aircraft Mechanics fly free?

FLIGHT BENEFITS. You, your parents, and wife get to fly for free, and if you fly international you pay taxes. It’s great.

Is aviation mechanic a good career?

Solid growth projections. Aviation careers in general, including the airplane mechanic role, are increasing in both prospects and pay. In fact, the BLS reports that mechanics earning their certification as Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics have the best job prospects.

Why do aircraft mechanics make so little?

Aircraft mechanics’ salaries can range widely due to a number of variables, such as their level of training and education, what certifications they hold, their specialization, geographic location, the industry they work in, and their experience level.

Can a mechanic make 100k?

Master mechanic — $100,000 Becoming a professional gearhead is actually not a bad career move, as skilled mechanics can make $40,000 to 50,000 annually. But as with other jobs in the rundown, the more experience and expertise you amass, the more you get paid.