Question: How Do You Use Verge In A Sentence?

What does the phrase on the verge mean?

: at the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen The company was on the verge of going bankrupt.

The child was on the verge of tears..

How do you use considered in a sentence?

Considered sentence examplesShe would never have considered back-talking her parents. … I considered this change of events. … He hadn’t even considered that she might not want to go. … I considered my answer. … Dusty considered her words. … I am considered quite unusual. … If not for her unusual power, and his cold magic, she would’ve considered him crazy.More items…

What’s another word for apathy?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for apathy, like: indifference, dullness, impassivity, insipid, unconcern, doldrums, sympathy, adiaphorous, imperturbable, inappetency and stolidness.

What is a synonym for Verge?

noun. 1’park your car on the road verge’ SYNONYMS. edge, border, margin, side, brink, rim, lip, limit, boundary, outskirts, perimeter, periphery, borderline, frontier.

What is the meaning of on the verge of death?

C2. If you are on the verge of something or come to the verge of something, you are very close to experiencing it: on the verge of collapse/success/tears/death/disaster/war. Her husband’s violent and abusive behaviour drove her to the verge of despair.

What is the opposite of Verge?

Opposite of an edge or border. middle.

What is the meaning of verge of chaos?

to serve as the edge of(intr foll by on) to be near (to)to verge on chaos. (when intr, sometimes foll by on) to serve as the edge of (something)this narrow strip verges the road.

What is the difference between elimination and eradication?

Eradication refers to the reduction to zero (or a very low defined target rate) of new cases in a defined geographical area. C. Elimination refers to the complete and permanent worldwide reduction to zero new cases of the disease through deliberate efforts.

How do you use eradicate in a sentence?

Examples of eradicate in a Sentence The disease has now been completely eradicated. His ambition is to eradicate poverty in his community.

What does Consided mean?

[ adjective ] resulting from careful thought. Synonyms.

Is not considered meaning?

Verb. Past tense for to exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility. ruled out. excluded.

What does Irradicate mean?

i-rad′i-kāt, v.t. to fix firmly.

What is the considered in grammar?

The word the is considered a definite article because it defines the meaning of a noun as one particular thing. It’s an article that gives a noun a definite meaning: a definite article. Generally, definite articles are used to identify nouns that the audience already knows about.

What is the difference between eradicating something and removing something?

In short, “remove” is just taking something away while “eliminate” means to get rid of it or destroy it.