Question: How Many People Voted In India?

What percentage of eligible voters vote in the United States?

For the 2016 Presidential Election, the Current Population Survey found 70.3% of voting-age citizens (population 224,059,000) were registered and 61.4% voted.

The Current Population Survey counted 153.1 million registered voters eligible to vote in the 2018 mid-term elections: 71.7 million men and 81.3 million women..

Where is the next election in India?

Upcoming ElectionsHOUSE/STATEFROMTOWEST BENGAL31.05.201630.05.2021ASSAM01.06.201631.05.2021PUDUCHERRY09.06.201608.06.2021KERALA02.06.201601.06.20211 more row

Who discovered EVM?

Electronic Voting is the standard means of conducting elections using Electronic Voting Machines, sometimes called “EVMs” in India. The use of EVMs and electronic voting was developed and tested by the state-owned Electronics Corporation of India and Bharat Electronics in the 1990s.

Who won 2 seats for BJP in 1984?

Voting was held immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in November and most of India supported Congress. The Bharatiya Janata Party won its first two seats, in Hanamkonda and Mahesana.

What percentage of Americans actually vote?

Turnout statisticsElectionVoting eligible population (VEP)% Turnout of VEP2008229,945,00057.1%2012235,248,00054.9%2016230,931,92159.2%2020239,247,18266.4% – 72.1%46 more rows

How many voters are there in India 2019?

The votes were counted and the result declared on 23 May. About 911 million people were eligible to vote, and voter turnout was over 67 percent – the highest ever, as well as the highest ever participation by women voters.

How many people vote in the UK?

UK Parliamentary electoral registrations. The total number of UK Parliamentary electoral registrations in December 2019 was 47,074,800, an increase of 1,299,100 (2.8%) from the previous year. Figure 1 shows the number of Parliamentary electoral registrations from December 1991 to December 2019.

How many seats BJP has in Lok Sabha now?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (of the NDA) achieved an absolute majority with 282 seats out of 543, 166 seats more than in the previous 15th Lok Sabha.

How many seats BJP won in up in 2014?

10 April − 12 May 2014PartyBharatiya Janata PartyIndian National CongressLeader’s seatVaranasiAmethiLast election1021Seats won712Seat change611916 more rows

How many voters are there in India in 2018?

61.77% of the total 18,27,936 voters participated in the election. For the first time in the country, election commission has placed candidates’ photos next to their name to help voters identify the candidates.

What percentage of population voted in 2019 election?

2019 United Kingdom general electionPopular vote13,966,45410,269,051Percentage43.6%32.1%Swing1.2 pp7.9 ppLeaderNicola SturgeonJo SwinsonPartySNPLiberal Democrats20 more rows

How many seats won BJP in 2019?

Vote share of parties in the election The BJP become the single largest party in the House and surpassed expectations to win 303 seats, with its alliance partners bringing the NDA to a total of 353 seats.

How many people voted in 2014?

With total spending reaching $3.7 billion, the midterm election, at the time, was the most expensive in history, being surpassed by the 2018 midterm election four years later. The 2014 election also saw the lowest turnout since 1942, with just 36.4% of eligible voters voting.