Question: Is Vitalness A Word?

What is another word for thirdly?

further, secondly, fourthly, furthermore, ultimately, additionally..

What’s the meaning of furthermore?

: in addition to what precedes : besides She always arrives on time; furthermore, her work is always excellent. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about furthermore.

What does essentiality mean?

1a : essential nature : essence. b : an essential quality, property, or aspect.

Is these a word?

This and these are demonstratives, which means they indicate a specific noun in a sentence. The two words are similar because they refer to nouns that are near in space and time. … These refers to plural nouns (i.e. these cookies).

Can I say these information?

In English, “information” is an uncountable noun. Even though “information” refers to a collection of facts, it is treated as singular. “These” is used with plural nouns, so “these information” is incorrect. Use “this information” instead.

Does essentially mean basically?

: in essence : fundamentally —used to identify or stress the basic or essential character or nature of a person or thing or to say that a description is basically true or accurateHe’s essentially a good man.…

What’s another word for subsequently?

What is another word for subsequently?afterwardafterwardslaterthenconsequentlyensuinglylatterlynextthereafterafter53 more rows

Is Essentialness a word?

Something fundamental. 2. Something necessary or indispensable. es·sen′ti·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē), es·sen′tial·ness n.

What kind of word is these?

Demonstrative pronouns are used to replace nouns in a sentence. Some of the same words that can be used as demonstrative pronouns, including this, that, these, those, and such, can also be used as demonstrative adjectives.

What is symbol called in English?

British vs. American EnglishBritish EnglishAmerican EnglishThe ” . ” symbol is calledA full stopa periodThe ” ! ” symbol is calledan exclamation markan exclamation pointThe ” ( ) ” symbols are calledbracketsparenthesesThe ” [ ] ” symbols are calledsquare bracketsbrackets2 more rows

What’s another word for necessity?

What is another word for necessity?indispensabilityneedneedfulnessessentialityimperativerequirementurgencyexigencydemandcrisis40 more rows

How do you use the word essentially in a sentence?

Examples of ‘essentially’ in a sentence essentiallyThey’re essentially seeing something about time in the deterioration of the smell. … These were essentially the two possibilities: Time stood still. … It essentially means my chances of conceiving naturally are low, but it’s not completely impossible.More items…

What’s another word for especially?

What is another word for especially?speciallyparticularlyveryextremelyuncommonlyexceptionallyextraordinarilyunusuallyextraremarkably231 more rows

What is the opposite of precious?

precious. Antonyms: cheap, valueless, worthless, unvalued, disesteemed, unappreciated, vile. Synonyms: dear, valuable, costly, cherished, treasured, beloved, estimable, of great value.

What’s the opposite of a necessity?

Antonyms of NECESSITY frill, trivia, fortuity, auxiliary, richness, extra, affluence, prosperity, opulence, freedom, surplusage, wealth, doubtfulness, doubt, choice, uncertainty, contingency, Nonnecessity, luxury, desire, surplus, option, possibility, comfort, dubiousness, wealthiness.

What is the difference between need and necessity?

A need is an absolute craving of man to possess while the necessity is also a craving without which man manages to survive. … For example transport is a need while the personal vehicle is a necessity.

Is secondarily a word?

Meaning of secondarily in English. in a way that is less important than related things: Patients’ psychological needs are often considered secondarily if at all.

What is a synonym for essentially?

basically, mainly, primarily, fundamentally, mostly, largely, principally, predominantly, substantially, chiefly, virtually, inherently, practically, broadly.

What is an example of essential?

The definition of essential is completely necessary or part of the basic nature of something. An example of essential is dedicated study skills to become valedictorian. An example of essential is innate intelligence. Something necessary or indispensable.

What does substantially mean?

1a : consisting of or relating to substance. b : not imaginary or illusory : real, true. c : important, essential. 2 : ample to satisfy and nourish : full a substantial meal.

What is the word for absolutely necessary?

adjective. absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite: an indispensable member of the staff. incapable of being disregarded or neglected: an indispensable obligation.