Question: What Does Net Floor Area Mean?

What does gross floor area mean?


The sum, in square feet, of the horizontal areas of a building (or several buildings on the same lot) measured from the exterior face of the exterior walls, or from the center line of a party wall separating two buildings, including garages, basements, porches, and half stories..

What is the difference between floor area and lot area?

A lot area is the total area of a property, including the yard up to the boundaries (property line), while the floor area is the area inside the building that is occupiable, up to and including the exterior walls.

How do you find net floor area?

NET FLOOR AREA means the gross floor area defined by the outside dimensions for each floor minus the horizontal floor area on each floor used for corridors, elevators, stairways, mechanical rooms, and workrooms. NET FLOOR AREA means Gross Floor Area multiplied by 0.95.

What is nett floor area?

[′net ′flȯr ‚er·ē·ə] (building construction) Gross floor area of a building, excluding the area occupied by walls and partitions, the circulation area (where people walk), and the mechanical area (where there is mechanical equipment).

Are stairs included in gross floor area?

Excludes non-enclosed (or non-enclosable) roofed-over areas, such as exterior covered walkways, porches, terraces or steps, roof overhangs, and similar features. Excludes air shafts, pipe trenches, chimneys and floor area dedicated to the parking and circulation of motor vehicles.

Does floor area include balcony?

The total floor area of a building, including all public and private spaces. the following spaces are considered outside the building and are not part of GFA: Balconies.

Does floor area include walls?

The Gross Floor Area (GFA), which is an essential component in the calculation of FAR, is the total built-up area in a building, including the external walls.

What is the difference between gross and net floor area?

Gross area is the total area enclosed by the walls. Net area is the usable area. While the difference between gross and net area depends on the building and the region, net area typically excludes the following spaces from the gross area.

Does floor area include second floor?

House square foot only includes the ground floor and second floor. It excludes the basement, garage, attic, etc. It also exclude open areas in the second floor that look down to the first floor.

Is balcony included in GFA?

Ancillary accommodation can also be included or excluded in these terms, such as outside balconies, covered terraces, car ports, pergolas, patios, villa roof terraces, shared or common areas and so on,” says Ron. GFA is just one measurement that needs standardising, says Jesse.