Question: What Is Another Word For Waft?

What is the opposite of praise?

praise(v) Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize.

Synonyms: laud, extol, commend, eulogize, panegyrize, applaud, magnify, glorify..

What is another word for yearning?

Yearn, long, hanker, pine all mean to feel a powerful desire for something.

What is another word for meld?

SYNONYMS FOR meld 1 mix, fuse, combine, consolidate.

What does Whaft mean?

1 : a structure built along or at an angle from the shore of navigable waters so that ships may lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo and passengers. 2 obsolete : the bank of a river or the shore of the sea. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about wharf.

Is wafted a word?

verb (used without object) to float or be carried, especially through the air: The sound wafted on the breeze. The music wafted across the lake.

What is the synonym of waft?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for waft, like: convey, transport, transmit, float, blow, carry, breeze, drift, flag, flutter and gust.

What does it mean to waft?

: to cause to move or go lightly by or as if by the impulse of wind or waves. waft. noun. Definition of waft (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : something (such as an odor) that is wafted : whiff.

How do you use wafted in a sentence?

The scent of real food wafted towards her. The enchanting, middle-aged Frenchman laid his hands on her head and, as she herself afterward described it, she felt something like a fresh breeze wafted into her soul.

What is another word for smelling good?

What is another word for smells good?is nicely fragrancedare nicely fragrancedhas a pleasing aromahave a pleasing aromasmells delicioussmell delicioussmells greatsmell greatsmells lovelysmell lovely6 more rows

What does the word scent?

A scent is a smell. Scent comes from the Latin sentire meaning “to feel, perceive, sense.” The word was originally used in reference to hunting dogs, who track down animals by their scent. … If you “pick up a scent,” then you have a clue about something.

What means zany?

zany • \ZAY-nee\ • noun. 1 : a subordinate clown or acrobat in old comedies who mimics ludicrously the tricks of the principal 2 : one who acts the buffoon to amuse others 3 : a foolish, eccentric, or crazy person. Examples: My brother’s friends are an unpredictable bunch of zanies. ”

What is the wafting technique?

Detecting an odor in a laboratory is best done using the technique of wafting. Wafting involves drawing one’s hand across the opening of a container in order to push the odor towards the nose (see Figure 1). If the odor is undesirable or dangerous, the person can move his or her face away.

Why should you waft chemicals?

When you are in the laboratory and take a direct sniff of the chemicals you are using, you run the risk of damaging your mucous membranes or your lungs. When it is necessary to smell chemicals in the lab, the proper technique is to cup your hand above the container and waft the air toward your face.

What is the opposite of waft?

What is the opposite of waft?settlesinkholdkeeptakelandsit

What part of speech is the word waft?

waftpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:wafts, wafting, wafteddefinition:to carry or cause to go gently on water or through the air. The breeze wafted the scent of the flowers toward us. similar words: blow, float, glide, puff, send, whiff, whiffle, whiskrelated words:fumepart of speech:intransitive verb12 more rows

Is zany a real word?

noun, plural za·nies. one who plays the clown or fool in order to amuse others. a comically wild or eccentric person.

Which word is most similar to zany?


What is another word for scent?

scentaroma,attar.(also otto),balm,bouquet,fragrance,fragrancy,incense,More items…

Why should you waft?

Wafting may be used for everyday substances, to make sure they are fresh, or consumable. … This method allows for a lower concentration of vapors to be inhaled and is particularly useful in safely smelling ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and other dangerous or unpleasant chemicals.

Can a sound waft?

Though the verb waft usually involves movement through air, it has watery roots. A “wafter” was a convoy ship in the 16th century, and these words may have derived from the similar looking wave. Waft can refer to scents, sounds, and even smoke.

What’s a word for smelling good?

Things that smell good are typically described as fragrant or aromatic, while things that smell bad might be described with the words smelly or stinky or the more formal terms odorous and odoriferous.