Question: What’S The Opposite Of Copy?

What is opposite of copy?

copy(n) Antonyms: original, prototype, model, example, pattern.

Synonyms: imitation, portraiture, facsimile, counterfeit, duplicate, image, likeness, transcript..

Are fake and replica synonyms?

Replica Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for replica?reproductioncopylikenessimagecounterfeitrepresentationforgeryfakeprinteffigy124 more rows

What is copycat syndrome?

Whenever a celebrity or popular political figure commits suicide, there is always the risk it will motivate someone who is thinking about killing themselves to actually do so. This is often called “the copycat effect”.

Why is copy called copy?

The word copy comes to us from an Old French word that meant “written account or record.” That word came from a Latin word referring to a “reproduction or transcript”.

What is the opposite of replica?

What is the opposite of replica?naturalgenuinerealactuallegitimatetrueoriginalauthenticlegitunfaked8 more rows

What do you call a copy?

Frequently Asked Questions About copy Some common synonyms of copy are duplicate, facsimile, replica, and reproduction. While all these words mean “a thing made to closely resemble another,” copy applies especially to one of a number of things reproduced mechanically.

What do you call someone who copies?

Someone who mimics what you do or say is a copycat. If your little brother orders fettuccine Alfredo after you’ve already ordered it, you might call him a copycat. The word copycat is a lighthearted, gently derogatory word for a person who imitates someone else.

What does Copies mean in math?

A scale copy of a figure is a figure that is geometrically similar to the original figure. This means that the scale copy and the original figure have the same shape but possibly different sizes. … The floor plan drawing has the same shape as but is smaller than the actual floor.

What is opposite of obtain?

Opposite of to obtain or attain successfully. abandon. fail. forfeit. surrender.

What is another word for replicas?

Some common synonyms of replica are copy, duplicate, facsimile, and reproduction.

What does it mean if someone copies you?

When someone copies you, it is always a form of flattery. Now, this doesn’t always mean it feels good. … But if it lasts too long, it can also be a sign that a person is missing a core sense of who they are, and they are trying to act “as if” they are someone else in order to feel less empty and vacant, emotionally.

What is illegal copying called?

Noun. 1. copyright infringement – a violation of the rights secured by a copyright. infringement of copyright. plagiarisation, plagiarization, piracy, plagiarism – the act of plagiarizing; taking someone’s words or ideas as if they were your own.

Does copy mean text?

Broadly defined, copy is text within a publication or composition. It is in contrast to any graphic or pictorial aspects of a publication, article, or another kind of composition.

What’s the difference between fake and replica?

Replicas and fakes are both things which are not original, but these words are used in different contexts. A replica is basically used to indicate a product which is not real but is used for some specific reasons whereas a fake is not just a product. … Replicas are copies of original products.