Question: Why Are My Spruce Trees Dying?

Why are my spruce trees dying from the bottom up?

There could be several reasons for the lower branches dying on your spruce.

If the upper branches provide too much shade, the lower branches naturally die off.

Cytospora canker is a fungus that attacks spruces and causes branch death..

How do you save a dying Norway spruce tree?

Water the tree generously and keep the surrounding soil moist. Pay particular attention during dry spells, when the moisture in the soil can quickly evaporate. Lack of water is the number one killer of Norway spruce trees.

Can you save a dying spruce tree?

When you detect some of the symptoms early, you can sometimes save your spruce trees. However, you need professional help to treat some of the diseases that kill spruce trees. On the other hand, if the trees can’t be saved, you can replace them with a different kind.

How do you revive a dying spruce tree?

The following will help you manage needlecast:Prune away dead branches, twigs, and infected areas of the tree.Remove fallen foliage and destroy it (burn it). … Apply a fungicide to the tree after removing signs of the infection.Deep water the tree once per week to help it recover from the stress.