Question: Will A 350 Legend Kill An Elk?

What is the best 350 Legend ammo?

Top Picks in .

350 Legend Ammo for Deer HuntersWinchester.


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Winchester Power Max Bonded.


Winchester’s Power Max Bonded has been one of our favorite hunting loads right from the Legend’s launch.



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Winchester Deer Season XP.


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Hornady Custom.


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Is the 350 legend a good deer round?

350 Legend round. It’s the hot new thing in the wide world of deer cartridges. “The . 350 Legend combines three main benefits: low cost, low recoil, and large-caliber effectiveness on medium-sized game — 50 to 300 pounds — all in one caliber,” Masinelli said.

Can a 7mm kill an elk?

A 7mm Rem Mag is a great choice for elk. Short answer, yes. Longer answer. I think any of the 7mm or 300 mags are about a close to perfect elk rounds as you can get, but there have probably been more killed with the 30-06 and 270 than all the magnums combined.

Does the 350 legend kick?

350 Legend The round, designed for hunters in states that mandate straight-wall cartridge use only, is effectively a 200-yard-and-under hunting cartridge, and recoil is quite tame.

What can you hunt with a 350 legend?

350 Legend an effective range of somewhere between 200 and 250 yards. The overall loaded length of the ammunition I tested for Guns & Ammo measured 2.25 inches, which is identical to the length of the . 223 Rem. This makes this a small cartridge ideally suited for hunting hogs and deer.

How much bullet energy does it take to kill an elk?

A commonly accepted threshold for the minimum amount of kinetic energy needed to kill an elk is 1500 ft-lbs. For whitetail deer, the minimum amount of kinetic energy is 1000 ft-lbs. We’ve all probably heard stories of hunters taking elk with a .

What is a 350 Legend compared to?

350 Legend delivers performance similar to an energetic . 30-30, small wonder that it is advertised as a deer hunting cartridge.

Is the 350 legend worth it?

The top benefit of the . 350 Legend is pure accuracy. Both cartridges pack enough punch to take deer cleanly out to 200 yards or so, but the 1-MOA accuracy offered by many . 350 Legend rifles makes it much easier to place shots perfectly.

Will a .308 kill an elk?

308 Winchester certainly has enough energy to kill deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear out to 300 yards, but the bullet drops fast and it’s trajectory looks like a bell shaped curve by 500 yards. The . … That would be a pretty doable shot out to 300 yards for the . 308 Winchester.

What is the best barrel length for 350 legend?

zero is pretty much perfect for 350 Legend, using any of the three above hunting loads, and either a 16″ or 20″ barrel; impacts will be between 1″ to 2″ high at 50 yds., between 1.5″ to 2.5″ high at 100 yds. and between 4.5″ and 5.5″ low at 200 yds.

What size gun will kill an elk?

Get a good quality rifle chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum, or a cartridge offering similar performance like the . 280 Ackley Improved, and you’ll be well-armed for elk season.

What is the effective range of a 350 legend?

250 yards350 Legend is the fastest production straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world, although some . 444 Marlin loads are faster. It is designed for deer hunting out to a maximum effective range of 250 yards (230 m).

What’s better 350 Legend vs 450 Bushmaster?

The 350 Legend is definitely the new kid on the block, but it has already proven itself as a great straight-walled cartridge option. … Unlike the 450 Bushmaster, the 350 Legend is much less abusive with recoil so you can have a rifle that has a good amount of stopping power but is also really nice to shoot.

Is a 30 06 Big enough for elk?

Given similar materials and construction, heavier bullets carry more energy, hit harder, and penetrate farther than lighter ones, so the . 30/06, with its 165- to 220-grain options, remains the better all-round cartridge for big stuff like elk, moose, kudu, and eland.

Is 350 Legend a good brush gun?

It’s a handy round for hunters who’d like more power than the venerable 30-30 Win and considerably more punch than the 300 BLK. With rifles being offered in AR platforms and bolts with 20-inch and shorter barrels, the 350 Legend looks to be a fine cartridge for a brush gun, too.

Can I shoot .358 bullets in a 350 legend?

358 bullets in a 350 legend would be real bad. Yours apparently has different chamber dimensions than mine. Rounds loaded with . 357″ or .

Will a 350 Legend kill a bear?

350 Legend-specific bullets. But even those shooters who don’t roll their own ammo can afford to shoot this cartridge. … With a tough bullet this rifle will be perfect for hogs out to moderate ranges, and this cartridge will make an excellent option for hunting black bears over bait.