Quick Answer: Can A Glock 19 Use Glock 17 Magazines?

What’s better than a Glock 19?

The M&P Shield 2.0 Compact is the latest offering by Smith & Wesson in the high-capacity nine-millimeter market.

Like the Glock, the 2.0 Compact is a polymer framed, striker fired pistol with a metal slide..

Do police use Glock 19 or 17?

Big enough to do everything a service/duty pistol will do, but small and light enough for concealed carry. The 17, of course, was invented to serve as a service pistol and the GLOCK 19, the smaller model, was devised for use by plainclothes police officers and so on.

Does Glock 17 and 34 magazines interchangeable?

Most all model 17 upgardes will fit the 34, and it will accept any magazine made to fit the 17. It comes with two 10 round mags, of course, but there is NO LAW AGAINST using an older 17 round mag in the gun.

Is a Glock 17 good for competition?

G17 is perfectly good gun for competition. G34 will need same upgrades as G17, only difference G34 has longer slide hence longer sight radius. If I were you and just starting in uspsa/idpa, for starters I would only change out sights. You can add trigger kit, stippling and other mods later if you want.

Is the Glock 45 worth it?

The Bottom Line You will love the Glock 45’s ergonomics, flat shooting, and recoil’s forgiving nature. Users will also appreciate the new Marksman barrel, and the excellent accuracy it offers. If the Glock 45 isn’t quite your speed, you can also check out our other Glock reviews, including the Glock 19, 26, 29, and 30.

Does the Glock 45 take Glock 17 mags?

Yes. The Glock 45 is built off the Glock 17 frame with a short nose. All generations of G17 mags will fit. The 19X is built off the Glock 17 frame with a short nose, but do to the small lip on the bottom of the frame, you can’t use Gen 5 mags as they will not seat properly.

What magazines are compatible with Glock?

Are GLOCK magazines interchangeable across all generations?Generation 1, 2, and 3 magazines will interchange as long as the magazine release is in the standard right hand configuration (except ambidextrous models).Generation 4 magazines will interchange with all previous GLOCK generations.Generation 5 magazines will not interchange with any previous GLOCK generations.

Does Glock 45 take Glock 19 mags?

The new magazines are backwards compatible with previous generation pistols, jut not the G19x. The Glock 45 inherited the G19 length slide and G17 length grip arrangement of the G19x and doused it in a proper black finish.

Small enough for EDC but functional enough to be as a full-fledged service and self-defense pistol, the Glock 19 is the quintessential “goldilocks gun”– a versatile, compact, and highly moddable firearm made to appeal to almost any consumer and a wide range of law enforcement customers.

Are Glock magazines Universal?

Glock magazines are “one-way” interchangeable between models, meaning that a compact or subcompact pistol will accept magazines designed for the larger pistols chambered for the same round.

What’s the difference between a Glock 17 and a Glock 34?

If that’s what you’re looking to get, the Glock 34 vs 17 is your best bet. In fact, the 34 shares the frame with the 17. The major difference, of course, is the slide. The 34 is an extended-barrel version of the 17, featuring a 5.31-inch barrel.

Is the Glock 17 accurate?

It is considered the Compact Size Glock where the Glock 17 is considered the Full-Size Glock. It, too, is considered to be simple to operate, easy to understand, easy to maintain, soft shooting and extremely accurate with a very natural point of aim!

Which is better Glock 19x or Glock 45?

The Glock 45 is the clear winner in my opinion, as the Glock 19x has no advantages over the Glock 45. That being said, the Glock 19x is a great pistol that I personally own and love. However if the two pistols were laying side by side, I would pick the Glock 45 every time.

What’s better Glock 17 or Glock 19?

If you’re looking for a slightly larger ammunition capacity, you might want to go for the Glock 17, which offers you two extra rounds. But if the size is important to you, the Glock 19 is a better choice due to its half-inch smaller frame, which makes concealing it slightly easier.

Do Glock magazines fit all generations?

In fact, you can never have enough! These are Glock factory, latest generation handgun magazines. … In any other case all previous generation magazines will fit the Gen 4 and all Gen 4 magazines will fit all Glocks from previous generations.