Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Nationwide?

What does nationwide mean in the UK?

British English: nationwide ADJECTIVE.

Nationwide activities or situations happen or exist in all parts of a country..

What does Nationwide mean with freedom?

When you travel outside of our ‘Freedom’ network in Canada, you’ll be connected to a partner’s network. Your phone will display the network name ‘Nationwide’ when in this area and may also indicate that it’s roaming. You’ll have access to the ‘Nationwide’ portion of your plan or pay-per-use rates may apply.

How many nationwide branches are there?

650 branchesNationwide, which has around 650 branches, has today committed to not leave any town or city in which it is currently based without a branch for at least two years.

What does Internation mean?

: a population composed of or representing several nationalities. internation.

Does nationwide have a hyphen?

Use a hyphen with all proper nouns andwide: University-wide. Do not hyphenate other wide words: statewide, nationwide, countywide. “Multi” words are spelled solid unless such a spelling makes for awkward reading.

Is nationwide one word or two?

adjective. extending throughout the nation: The incident aroused nationwide interest.

Does nationwide mean US and Canada?

Nationwide calling means you can call home without any problem and receive calls from others in Canada. Inside Canada, you won’t be charged for text messages since long-distance charges can only apply to voice calls. If you have a nationwide plan, your calls are unlimited across the country.

What does Nationwide Calling mean?

Nationwide calling plans include local and long-distance calls from your home to anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada all at the same price. Local calls are also called “domestic” calls by some phone companies.

What does Nationwide mean?

the whole countrySomething nationwide refers to or covers the whole country. … A gossipy news story about a presidential candidate might cause a nationwide scandal, if everyone in the whole country were talking about it.

How do you use nationwide in a sentence?

Nationwide sentence examplesThe guy driving is wanted nationwide for a number of murders! … It was an indignant, nationwide protest. … Kim Newstead brings a healthy perspective on food projects nationwide. … Other ventures by Michaels Stores, Inc.More items…

Is Nationwide capitalized?

Nation is always capitalized when referring to the United States of America. However, national and nationwide are never capitalized. … The word “statewide” is never capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence. Compound words.

What part of speech is nationwide?

NATIONWIDE (adjective, adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Do you capitalize state highway?

1. Capitalize Road-Related Terms in Formal Names. Capitalize road-related terms such as highway, expressway, interstate, street, road, avenue, drive, boulevard, and route when they are part of formal names. The Kennedy Expressway is part of Interstate 190, Interstate 90, and Interstate 94.

Does nationwide mean the whole world?

When used as adverbs, nationwide means throughout a nation, whereas worldwide means throughout the world. When used as adjectives, nationwide means extending throughout an entire nation, whereas worldwide means spanning the world. … Extending throughout an entire nation.

Is Union capitalized when referring to the United States?

1 Answer. The is not capitalized unless you’re in a title or at the beginning of a sentence. … In fact, with proper nouns that have “the” within them, that the is also not capitalized (take, as a fictitious example, “the United Federation of the Baltic States”). The is a definite article.