Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Stature?

What’s the meaning of preeminence?

Preeminence is the quality of being superior.

It’s a type of high status or distinction for anything considered to be the best at something, like the preeminence of gold or the preeminence of a famous musician.

By definition, preeiminence suggests superiority, so it can’t be a quality lots of people have.


What mean permanent?

English Language Learners Definition of permanent : lasting or continuing for a very long time or forever : not temporary or changing. See the full definition for permanent in the English Language Learners Dictionary. permanent. adjective. per·​ma·​nent | \ ˈpər-mə-nənt \

How do you use stature in a sentence?

Stature sentence examplesTheir stature is estimated to be about 5 ft. … It is true that the Japanese are shorter in stature than either the Chinese or the Koreans. … The Athapascans of New Mexico are of middle stature, the Pueblo peoples are short. … This was a race distinguished by lofty stature; and.More items…

What is the another name for salary?

Find another word for salary. In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for salary, like: wages, wage, compensation, stipendiary, emolument, earnings, income, fee, recompense, debt and payroll.

What does a woman of your stature mean?

Stature can refer to a person’s height or the high level of respect with which she is regarded. Your grandmother might be small in stature, or height, but have great stature, or esteem, in her community.

Is stature the same as height?

As nouns the difference between stature and height is that stature is a person or animal’s natural height when standing upright while height is the distance from the base of something to the top.

What does celestial mean in English?

1 : of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity celestial beings. 2 : of or relating to the sky or visible heavens the sun, moon, and stars are celestial bodies.

What is the meaning of animalism?

Definition of ‘animalism’ 1. satisfaction of or preoccupation with physical matters; sensuality. 2. the doctrine or belief that humans lack a spiritual nature.

What’s the opposite of salary?

What is the opposite of salary?billsdebtlossexpenditureoutgoingspayoutlossespaymentexpensesshortfall2 more rows

What is a antonym for wages?

wages. Antonyms: gratuity, douceur, premium, bonus, grace. Synonyms: remuneration, hire, compensation, stipend, salary, allowance.

What is the synonym of stature?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stature, like: position, tallness, growth, development, height, size, cachet, eminence, greatness, importance and place.

What is the definition of stature?

1 : natural height (as of a person) in an upright position. 2 : quality or status gained by growth, development, or achievement.

What does moral stature mean?

1 concerned with or relating to human behaviour, esp. the distinction between good and bad or right and wrong behaviour. moral sense.

What is stature height?

Human height or stature is the distance from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head in a human body, standing erect. It is measured using a stadiometer, usually in centimetres when using the metric system, or feet and inches when using the imperial system.

What is the difference between wage and salary?

Wages are hourly or daily payments for work done during the working day. The main difference between salary and hourly wage is that salaries are a fixed upon payment agreed to by both the employer and employee. Wages, on the other hand, may vary depending on hours worked and performance.