Quick Answer: Why Did Harry Name His Daughter Lily Luna?

Who is Lily Luna Potter named after?

Lily has two older brothers, James Sirius and Albus Severus Potter.

She was named in honour of her late paternal grandmother Lily Potter and her middle name comes from her parents’ good friend Luna Lovegood..

Is Lily Luna Potter in Ravenclaw?

Lily Luna Potter (September 1, 2008-Present) is a Half-blood Witch born to Harry and Ginny Potter (née Weasley). From 2019 to 2026 she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Why is Lily Luna Potter a half blood?

Yes, Harry is considered a half-blood because his mother Lily was born to muggle parents. His children; James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna are considered half-bloods, even though their mother didn’t have any muggle ancestry, and all their grandparents were magical.

Did Luna Lovegood die?

Luna guided both the injured Ginny and the Confunded Ron until they met up with Harry and Neville. Luna was one of the last D.A. members to fall, eventually being stunned by a Death Eater and thrown across the room. She regained focus just before the end of the battle and survived relatively unscathed.

Did Harry name his daughter after Luna?

Harry, off course can not name his daughter ‘Remus’. Also ‘Moony’ is kind of a nickname. So he named his daughter ‘Luna’ meaning moony. Later, Teddy also named his son after his father.

Who is Draco Malfoy’s crush?

So let’s all try not to get too geek-strange about the WORLD-SHAKING REVELATION that Hermione Granger (or rather, the actress Emma Watson) actually had a secret crush on Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton, the actor). I mean, how could she do that to Harry?

Why is Ron and Hermione’s daughter named Rose?

Ron and Hermione Rose Weasley – I believe that Rose is actually named after Hagrid. Hagrid’s first name is Rubeus, which simply means red. Rose is a shade of red. (Another, less likely but fun thing to think about is that Rose’s name is both a flower and a color, much like Ron’s ex-girlfriend, Lavender.)

Who married Draco?

Astoria GreengrassDraco Malfoy/Spouse

Why does Neville marry Luna?

Rowling has said Neville settled down as a Herbology teacher at Hogwarts and married Hannah Abbott, while Luna married the grandson of Newt Scamander, you know, the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. … Kudos to both Lynch and Rowling for knowing Luna Lovegood so well.

Who is richer Harry or Draco?

In conclusion, Harry is wealthier than Draco, but once Draco inherits his family fortune once his father dies. he will be much much much richer.

Who was Draco Malfoy’s first kiss?

Harry checks the Marauder’s Map in his dorm and decides that Draco should never be in the tower alone, so he sneaks out of bed to meet him. Harry sits down next to Draco and with only the light of the stars to see, he takes Draco’s arm and kisses the Dark Mark, then he kisses Draco on the lips.

How did James and Lily get together?

Because of what Sirius was going through; James saw this in Lily, the two started to date, and the relationship blossomed quickly. When Peter Pettigrew sold James and Lily to Voldemort, Lily, in memory, took his place as the fourth member of the Marauders.

Is Lily Luna Potter named after Luna Lovegood or Remus Lupin?

Lily was named in honour of her late paternal grandmother Lily Potter. Her middle name was in honour of Luna Lovegood, but also in honour of Remus Lupin because ‘luna’ means ‘The moon’ in Latin.

How did Hermione die?

On April 16, Riddle sets a mountain troll made immune to sunlight on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her. … Voldemort and Harry revive Hermione using a dark ritual and the Philosopher’s Stone to repair her body and the True Patronus charm to spark her back to life.

Why did Lily not marry Snape?

Lily could never find his selfishness attractive. … Lily chose James because James proved so unyielding in his loyalty and selflessness to anyone important to him. Snape could never do that while she lived. Only after her death did he finally learn how.