What Are Examples Of Tertiary Activities?

What are tertiary activities explain with examples?

Tertiary activity consists of all service occupations.

Transport, communication, trade, health, education and administration are important examples of tertiary activities.

These tertiary activities help in the development of the primary and secondary sectors.

So these are also known as support services..

What is difference between primary secondary and tertiary sector?

Difference between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector With their Comparisons. … The primary sector is where the materials for the secondary sector are gathered. In the secondary sector, the product is then made into consumable item(s) which is then distributed by the tertiary sector.

Which of the following is a tertiary activity?

Answer: Tertiary activities are related to the service sector. Man power is an important component of service sector as most of the tertiary activities are performed by skilled labour, professionally trained experts and consultants. These services require theoretically knowledge and practical training.

Which of the following is an example of tertiary sector?

Tertiary sector is also known as service sector since it deals with all types of services. For example, trade, banking and insurance- all are included in the service sector.

Is catching fish a secondary activity?

Answer Expert Verified. Catching fish is not a secondary sector activity it is a primary sector activity. The economic activities are the activities which add value to the national income. They are also called market activities.

What is the difference between primary secondary and tertiary?

Data from an experiment is a primary source. Secondary sources are one step removed from that. … Tertiary sources summarize or synthesize the research in secondary sources. For example, textbooks and reference books are tertiary sources.

Is Apple a tertiary sector?

Apple is a secondary, tertiary and quaternary industry. Apple manufacture their own stock, they produce their goods and services at factories where they are made (secondary). … The goods that make are useful transportation, most of their goods come with a GPS and internet(tertiary) .

What are tertiary activities Class 9?

Tertiary sector comprises activities that provide support to the primary and secondary sectors through various services. Trade, transport, communication, banking, education, health, tourism, insurance, etc., are examples of tertiary activities.

Is tourism a tertiary activity?

Tourism is an example of tertiary sector. The service sector of economy is also known as tertiary sector. … This sector is mainly concerned with rendering services for the functioning of the other two sectors of the economy.

What does tertiary activity mean?

Tertiary activities are service based and give non-tangible value to customers. Examples of companies that work in this sector include banks, consulting and public transportation. Most companies that are involved in tertiary activities do not have operations involving primary or secondary activities.

Is farming a tertiary activity?

Primary sector includes agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, poultry farming, and mining. Quarrying and manufacturing is included in the secondary sector. Trade, transport, communication, banking, education, health, tourism, services, insurance etc. are included in the tertiary sector.

Which of the following is primary activity?

2 Answers. Primary activity includes those occupations which are closely related to man’s natural environment. Gathering, hunting, fishing, lumbering, animal rearing, farming and mining are some of important examples of primary activities.

What is primary secondary and tertiary sector with example?

Primary Sector :- All those economic activities that are undertaken by directly using natural resources are included in primary sector. For example, mining, forestry, fishing, poultry etc. … Tertiary Sector :- These are the activities that help in the development of the primary and secondary sectors.

What are the main components of tertiary sector?

What are the main components of tertiary sectorGovernment service.Education service.Health service. Entertainment service.Hotels and Restaurants.Retail. This conversation is already closed by Expert.

Why is the tertiary sector the most important?

Better technology and improved labour productivity have enabled a higher output of manufactured goods and agriculture with less labour. This increased productivity has led to: Increased incomes of workers to spend on services. Spare labour to be able to work in the more labour intensive tertiary sector.