Why Are Liquor Stores In Texas Closed On Sunday?

Are liquor stores closed on Sundays in Texas?

While restaurants, bars, and grocery and convenience stores can all sell alcohol on Sundays, liquor stores cannot.

Under current law, Texas liquor stores cannot operate on Sundays and can only remain open from 10 a.m.

to 9 p.m.

on other days of the week..

Is Texas a dry state on Sunday?

Texas law prohibits sale of liquor for off-premises consumption all day on Sundays and sale of beer and wine for off-premises consumption before 12:01 p.m. on Sundays. In 2015, there were 7 counties wholly dry. In 1986, there were 62 counties wholly dry.

Can you buy liquor at Costco in Texas?

Publicly traded companies like Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and Kroger still won’t be permitted to sell liquor in Texas. … Publicly traded companies like Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and Kroger still won’t be permitted to sell liquor in Texas.

Does HEB have liquor?

Beer & Wine at H‑E‑B | Great Brands, Huge Selection | HEB.com.

Can you buy liquor on holidays in Texas?

Texas won’t let you buy liquor on Christmas or other holidays. … The Texas law bans the sale and serving any liquor on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Sundays. In addition, if either holiday falls on a Sunday, sales are also banned on the following Monday.

What states can you buy liquor on Sunday?

“Texas is now surrounded by states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana that allow the sale of spirits on Sundays, but consumers in Texas still can’t buy at their corner liquor store,” said Dale Szyndrowski, vice president of state government relations for the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States …

Which state has the strictest alcohol laws?

Kansas’sKansas’s alcohol laws are among the strictest in the United States. Kansas prohibited all alcohol from 1881 to 1948, and continued to prohibit on-premises sales of alcohol from 1949 to 1987. Sunday sales only have been allowed since 2005.

What states sell hard liquor in grocery stores?

The states listed below allow sales of liquor in grocery stores:Washington.California*Nevada.Arizona.New Mexico.Wyoming.North Dakota.South Dakota.More items…

Why don’t they sell liquor on Sundays?

Of course, it’s no coincidence that these states ban liquor sales on Sundays. Sunday is the day that most religious Americans go to church. Blue laws were put into place by the Puritans to make sure people were in church, praying and reading their Bibles.

When can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Texas?

noon until midnightSales of alcohol Beer and wine can be sold from 7:00 AM until midnight Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM until 1:00 AM on Saturday, and from noon until midnight on Sunday.

What days are liquor stores closed in Texas?

Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Closed on Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day. If Christmas Day or New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, closed the following Monday. (That’s right, liquor stores have to be closed on a day that isn’t even a holiday if Christmas Day or New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday.)

How early can you buy alcohol at Walmart?

Walmart Alcohol sales hours: 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.